5 Tips To Get Your Doctor's Note For Work Without Getting Caught

We’ve all had “sick” days off work and the last thing you want is to get hassled by your boss when you return.

So I’ve put together these 5 tips for getting a doctor’s note for work that is guaranteed to fool your boss.

Basically, if you need a fake doctor’s note for work, this post explains exactly how to do it, and more importantly, I’ll tell you the most trusted source to get them from.

5 Fake Doctor's Notes For Work Tips


1. Make sure your fake doctor’s note has all the right details (watermarks, logos, barcodes and other unique elements) that real doctor’s notes have.
I’ve seen countless real doctor’s notes in my life (perks of being a teacher), and in 90% of the cases they now include these important elements.  Go without them and you’re taking a huge risk. 

2. Be Aware of “PDF Template” Sites. 
There are tons of sites that want to sell you a useless generic-looking template and re-bill your credit card again and again.  Stay away.

3. Never, ever use a free note found on the internet. 
Most human resources people have seen these notes, so they aren’t easily fooled. That is why I recommend 
bestfakedoctorsnotes.net. It’s the only trusted and proven option if you need a fake doctor’s note.  They do not publicly show their doctor’s notes in order to protect their customers.

4. Never write the reasons for your medical visit on the note. 
Real notes never ever mention why you were seen. Websites like 
bestfakedoctorsnotes.net tell you how to fill out the note correctly so you never get questioned.

5. Avoid “Online” Doctors
Some sites say that they’ll write you a note – but it will never be taken seriously when it is from an out of state doctor. bestfakedoctorsnotes.net has had their notes tested in all 50 states to guarantee they work everywhere.

If you want a fake doctor’s note that is guaranteed to work, I highly recommend bestfakedoctorsnotes.net

Here's Proof BestFakeDoctorsNotes Works

Multiple news stations including ABC News, Fox News & NBC News tested out BestFakeDoctorsNotes to see if they really worked.

The result?

They all said the same thing… That these fake doctor’s notes looked more believable than the real doctor’s notes.

Here are some quotes from some of the news stations that tested them.

Alexander Lacon, A College of Charelston senior, like many of the people interviewed for this story chose the imposter note. "That is crazy," Lacon said. "The one I thought was the fake one was the real one."
ABC News 4
I mean, this is insane. Who would've thought a company would provide fraudulent information? And it looks totally legit. To go as far as creating realistic looking documentation just takes this to a whole new level.
Fox 8
If you want a fake doctor’s note that is guaranteed to work, I highly recommend bestfakedoctorsnotes.net